Mästaren i Kristallriket via Carina, December 19th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on earth,
The intensification that you experience in your own, the earth and the world’s cleansing has made you may experience your daily lives more difficult than before. You see with your own eyes how all the world’s assets fall, or risk falling, flat to the hill and remain ruins that will soon be replaced by new assets, real assets!
Because in the time you have lived, the value of assets has had a specific meaning to you and it is that specific meaning that will now change. The matter that up until now has been very important for you to know peace, will no longer be the most important matter in your lives.
Your perception is that all the assets that exist on earth are valued, scaled with the help of money. We are telling you that that scale will now change and be replaced by a scale that deals with completely different values. Because money is not worth anything in its lonely form.
You think you are safe if you have a million SEK in the bank, but this presumes that the collective system continues to agree that this is how it should work. Money is just a way for the old world agenda to keep you in your place in the system. The system is built to be able to control and restructure you as the rulers of the agenda want. If the rulers of the agenda don’t want you to be safe anymore, they change the value of an asset and suddenly people’s lives are broken apart, 3D!
You are not dependent on money – really! You may be dependent on some of the assets that money can value, but you don’t need the money in it if it wasn’t for the governors want you to believe.
We know that such a statement nowadays may sound naive but if you turn upside down what you know today about the value of money, you will see and understand in some time.
You have lived in a programmed three-dimensional structure containing a set of parameters that have disturbed the life in your heart. Money isn’t just a way for a number of people to shoe on others and keep real life assets to themselves it’s also a great way to keep yall from the truth in your heart because if you find it the rulers fall s power over you guys.
You are not the only ones in the Universe who have a three-dimensional system, there are more. But instead of money, they have other forms of valuation on their assets.
We ask you, what is an asset? What is an asset of importance to you in your life? Depending on whether you ask your mind or your heart you will get different answers but if you try to balance your heart, brain, mind, stomach in some form of common sense, what are the assets you would like to have in your life to feel good now and on long term ? Remember that money is not an asset but just a meaningless scale of valuation like a thermometer scale of hot and cold.
Powerful energies are now in the process of transforming your old notions about what assets you need in your life, how many assets you need and whether there is a lack of them. Is it only matter that is an asset? Is love an asset to you in your life? Is caring an asset? Kindness? And if you weigh these as assets in your life, how are you going to increase these assets in your life if you want more??
You do not suffer from a lack of any real assets on earth and that is exactly what the world is transforming to understand! Not what we call assets and not what you will call future assets.
I encourage everyone to play with the idea that all the money would suddenly be taken away from you on earth, go up in smoke! Or play with the idea that there was never money on earth. What do you think would mean something to you?
By differentiating the terms money from asset, you’ve begun a process to understand that money is just a way of valuing what you need or think you need.
Maybe it’s just you that you thought you’ve always been poor and don’t have any assets. We promise you that when this transformation is complete, many of you who thought you were poor, will actually be storming assets that matter in the new world.
I want to give you the greatest asset in the Universe, Love!

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