Frågor om medlemskap, 29 april, 2021

Dear lightworkers,

Questions have been received about membership.

# 1 It is not possible to register right now – and not until the new site has been uploaded. It is no idea to write to me that you want to be a member right now – you must register yourself as this is possible in a few days. Positive comments are of course appreciated.

# 2 It will not be possible to pay via Swish or by bank transfer. We need a central program / software that keeps track of all payments, ie automated and not manual. Swish also does not work for the reason that I do not have a Swedish mobile.

# 3 This may be worth repeating – thus not all messages will be under membership, e.g. so the Sunday meditations will not be during membership.

# 4 I work with a non-Swedish speaking developer and it gets a little wrong sometimes. The cost will be 80 SEK per month and not 80 dollars per month. I have received many emails about this. Or possibly it will be $ 7 per month for technical reasons. Do not know yet.

Light and Love,


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