Det Arkturiska Rådet via Daniel Scranton, 1 juli, 2024


What the July 2024 Energies Will Bring You ∞

The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton


“We are The Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about what is to come for humanity, and we know that you are giving yourselves little upgrades and activations by making yourselves available to them. We also know that you are still working through many of the challenges that you took on for yourselves in your lives, both individually and collectively, and we want you to know that the July energies are coming in to assist you with feeling more freedom and accessing more freedom in your lives. You do have the ability to feel free under different circumstances and conditions that you would create for yourselves to give you the idea of limitation.

And so, it is a choice for you to be free, but until you are shown that energetically, you may still continue to choose bondage, to choose to be in a state of contraction. The July energies are all about expanding you into the truth of who you are as a being who does contain so much freedom. The July energies will be helping you to access the location of the vibration of freedom within you as well. You are getting these energies not only from the likes of us, but also from your sun and Mother Earth.

What you can do to benefit more from these energies is you can give yourselves moments where you simply relax and open up to them. You are capable of experiencing so much more freedom, and you also can change your self talk throughout the month of July to remind yourselves of these energies and of the very truth that you are freedom. You are there to experience freedom, and what you are freeing yourselves from are the limitations that you agreed to take on in this lifetime.

So for example, we are not telling you that a lot of the institutions of your own creation are going to start crumbling all around you so that you can be free from those institutions and the people who run them. But what we are telling you is that you can recognize that you are free to change the way you are looking at everything and anything that is in your reality, and you will be supported then in freeing yourself from your own creation. And you will be supported in choices that you make that represent freedom to you.

You will be able to liberate yourselves from so much that has been holding you back in a very physical way, and that which has been holding you back energetically will also be removed by you making that simple choice in the freedom that you are to reign supreme over you and over your life. As you think of all that you would like to free yourself from, remember to bless that which you are freeing yourself from as you do, as whoever or whatever it is has served you very well.

And you have given yourself now an opportunity to experience freedom like you have never experienced it before. It is only through creating the idea of lack of freedom that you get to move into the freedom that truly was available to you at all times. Enjoy these July energies, let them in frequently, and feel yourself being moved by the beautiful high vibration of them.

We are The Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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