Munkarna i Jesuitorden via Inger Noren, 7 december, 2022


In this meditation I experienced a strong support and help as in a previous meditation from monks who lived in the Middle Ages in France.

Master we have come to you to give you additional strength in your work for humanity on Earth and we are the monks of the Jesuit Order.

We have seen how you have been attacked by the dark ones unusually lately and we, along with many other brothers and sisters, will protect you from these evil beings. We too were very much attacked during our lives for our faith in Our Lord and in this day and age it is extra difficult not to be influenced by their attempts at fear.

They have had fun with you for far too long in your life using many people to hurt you, but the worst thing they have done to you master is to limit your knowledge of learning on Earth and which has led to unnecessary suffering for you.

These attacks against you are over now and there are many of us who are fighting against these dark individuals to end the harassment, both against you and for the rest of the population.

Many have disappeared from the Universe but there remains some that we together with you masters have had transferred from the various Councils where you have a great influence for the human race.

We monks and nuns will no longer tolerate this treatment by you master and these evil individuals will have their ears hot in the future if they still try to harm you.

Earth is in a major shift that is significant for the entire Universe because the planet Gaia is so important to all beings in the Universe and in this galaxy. We all work together so that peace will become something that will be sustainable over time and another world war will never happen again on Earth. It has been decided a long time ago. Too many planets would be damaged by a nuclear war, for example. No innocent creatures should be affected by it.

We just wanted to speak to you master and give you information that there are more than you think who are with you and protecting you. We are all so tired of these dark individuals who come in great swarms like locusts, both in the Universe and on Earth. Our Lord has had enough and will make sure that these disappear for good from this Universe and we believe in Our Lord as the greatest in the entire Universe. GOD bless you master and we pray for your continued work for humanity.

The monks of the Jesuit order

Many thanks in love I serve. I AM

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