Divine Grace | Archangel Raphael via Jahn J Kassl, April 24th, 2023

Divine Grace | Archangel Raphael via Jahn J Kassl

by Jahn J Kassl


I have a dearest friend whose eldest sister recently departed. My eldest sister is beginning her transition now as well. This message from AA Raphael resonated especially with me today as we accept their decisions. -Sitara

You are honored, loved and carried by divine grace – every day!


Your sister is getting ready for her big journey. We’re expecting your sister. Secure and provided with the divine light of grace, she will be taken in by her soul family in the kingdom, to which she will soon return. Our spiritual home is the place where there are no misunderstandings and no errors. Here everything is in divine order. This is where your souls heal and thrive after returning home from strenuous lives on earth.

A life is coming to an end and yet it is not the end. In truth it is the beginning of the mystical process of recognition and awakening.

What a person does not master on earth is recognized, healed and transformed in the subtle realms of light in order to regain validity in one of the next lives.

The healings continue, the processes of knowledge do not take a break. Only this happens here without haste and without the often unbearable side effects on earth to which every human being is exposed throughout his life.

A new life begins and already your beloved sister spreads her wings into the other world. She knows, you know!

Farewell before farewell

Enjoy the last days together on earth, rejoice in what you are and what you have achieved, achieved and moved together, what you have given to people through your being and doing, through your strength and devotion, through your love and your trust in God have.

Say goodbye before you say goodbye, then the actual goodbye will be easy for you.

For it should be so that you release your beloved sister with ease and joy into the world of the pure love of God. Mourn for a little while because someone you love is no longer visible to you, but turn your sorrow into joy. For what awaits your beloved sister is the happiness and deep peace of a soul that has lived and accomplished a truly upright life using all her talents.

Don’t worry that your beloved sister might get lost, lost or lost in the thickets or in the darkness of astral worlds. It happens that she is carried, accompanied and led – to her place in heaven.

Remain a great and indestructible community!

Please continue with your individual healing and transformational work and those who have not yet begun may remember, take courage and take heart.

Resolutely continue on your path of peace and love. Let your longing for God guide and carry you – and remain incorruptible workers in the Lord’s vineyard! Take your place, for it is time for it – on all levels.

light world project

With the transition of your beloved sister into the light, the construction time of the light world project ends. A new phase is now beginning – the phase in which men will reap and in which you yourselves will marvel at the fruits of your labor.

A large circle is completed – a new large circle is created.

The remaining days

Accompany the person you love, but who sometimes did not know how to help himself on earth, as before in love. Feel surrounded by angelic powers and protected by the powers of heaven.

No harm will come to either the travelers or those who remain on earth – what is happening is that everything is being fulfilled for the good of all, as it is born out of your loving hearts.

Spend the last days on this earth with the person whose dwelling is ready in heaven, in gratitude for everything that you were able to learn, experience and create together. Experience the anticipation of this journey and the happiness that this journey brings to the traveler.

Received and carried, accompanied and protected, cared for – until she can take her place in heaven – is your beloved sister.

In infinite love she is awaited!

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